Danese Group srl was established in 1986 at Montecchia Di Crosara (VR), thanks to its founder.

Thanks to his competence and the experience he gained in the previous years as:
• Tester and manager of prototype departments
• Trainer and director of the assistance centres in Italy, Germany and France

Danese srl has always demonstrated the ability for providing solutions, even “turnkey” ones, always in step with the latest technologies and techniques of cooling, conservation and maturation of foodstuffs, temperature control during the phases of any kind of industrial process, also guaranteeing systems for the management of any type of fluid, offering solutions for the treatment of industrial waste resulting from chemical processing. After a first direct contact with the customer, Danese srl shall design, manufacture and install any request for installations regarding temperature control and water treatment, ensuring installations that are attentive to the latest technologies and energy savings, qualities that its products are able to ensure. Additionally, the company is able to follow the customer in the bureaucratic aspects of the “Energy Efficiency Certificates“, in order to be able to gain access to the specific advantages.

Once the installation is complete, the company is able to offer a service of remote management and remote control for each type of installation, also offering a service of renewal of the existing installations, so as to bring them in line with the current European regulations, also offering a service of registration of the installations in compliance with the F-Gas regulations.

Danese srl, always attentive to the evolution of cold technology and water treatment, has constituted an internal research and development department, through which it experiments and tests new solutions, in many cases leading to the patenting of numerous processes. The latest solution in the patenting phase is DHS, water cooling system for all types of fruit and vegetables, able to guarantee a temperature difference of at least 20°C, at a speed that is 15 times faster than normal water treatments.

In addition to offering climatic solutions, Danese srl guarantees an elevated level of sanitising of work environments and of the product, thanks to the use of ozone, which, after having been produced and used as a bactericidal and fungicidal element, turns itself into oxygen, leaving no residue on the product.

Energy savings30%

Satisfied customers95%

Reliability of plants95%

Sewage savings 90%